Ten lessons I have learned about Black Fatherhood

(1) The engaged Black father is not a myth.

(2) We can break generational curses and cycles through engaged and thoughtful fatherhood.

(3) Your presence matters more than your words.

(4) Our children need our affection just as much as our financial support.

(5) We can give our Black boys space to feel, communicate, and process emotions.  

(6) “What they see is what they will be” and our children must see us walking in our purpose.

(7) You can’t give your children what you aren’t giving yourself. Self-care is important.

(8) Part of our role is to develop, cultivate, and support our children’s Blackness however they define it.

(9) Being good enough, is enough.

(10) Use other Black fathers as sources of support, spaces to vent, mentorship and guidance.

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